What we know about avoiding particular foods and supplements for PD

People frequently ask about the role of nutrition – foods and supplements – in the management of Parkinson’s disease (PD). For a general overview of nutritional tips for someone with PD, I encourage you to view an excellent APDA webinar, Living Well Every Day, archived on their website. The webinar presents strategies, based on firm scientific evidence, that help support a healthy lifestyle for people with PD.

But beyond these general principles, many of you are curious about various claims that you have heard about particular foods or supplements to avoid for PD, particular foods or supplements to take for PD and specific diets to follow. There are many assertions out there about what is good or not good for PD, and it is hard to know what to believe or whether to change your diet based on these reports.

Read more at the ADPA site https://www.apdaparkinson.org/article/nutrition-and-parkinsons-disease-part-one/

The ADPA says that if you are taking 1 mg Azalect/day you should have no more than 150mg of tyromine. This nifty cookbook tells you in mg the amount of tyromine in various foods.