The Albany Guardian Society 2018 Fall 2018 Institute semester

The Albany Guardian Society 2018 Fall Institute semester offers programs in the following broad categories:


  • Caregiving
  • Community Engagement
  • Health + Wellness
  • Housing
  • Legal
  • Professional Development
  • Technology

These categories offer a variety of selections on topics of importance to a wide audience. Please scroll down to see all of the Institute’s offerings for the Fall 2018 semester.

There is no cost to attend our programs; however, registration is required for each course you wish to attend. To register, simply press the “Register Button” next to the class description and complete the registration form. If you are unable to complete an online registration, please contact Albany Guardian Society and we will provide assistance.

If you have any questions regarding the Institute or are unable to attend a class once you have registered, please call Albany Guardian Society at 518-434-2140 or email us at