May 14, 2020 meeting – Dr. Adam – the components of a standard PD neurological exam

Join the CDPSG Support Group for the monthly meeting.

May 14, 2020 7:00 PM at Beverwyck

The Capital District Parkinson’s Support Group meets at 7 PM the second Thursday of most months at the Beverwyck Senior Center located at Krumkill Road, Slingerlands, New York. (Directions)

Topic : Dr. Octavian Adam, Movement Disorder Specialist from Albany Medical Center will speak about the components of a standard PD neurological exam, what tests are done? What is the doctor observing? How is it scored or reported?”
Mental status
Cranial nerves
Motor Examination
Sensory examination
Coordination examination
Deep tendon reflexes
Gait and balance
skin changes-melanoma