Lookin for people with PD for research study

A clinical study for adults with recently diagnosed Parkinson’s Disease. MOLECULAR AND FUNCTIONAL BIOMARKERS OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE

OVERVIEW The purpose of this study is to help identify molecules in the saliva, called microRNAs, that can serve as biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease. These biomarkers may allow earlier diagnosis and treatment of this disease. A doctor will ask each participant to perform a brief series of neurological tests, in addition to cognitive and balance tests. A small amount of saliva will then be collected in order to measure microRNA. We offer flexible scheduling.

GOAL OF THIS STUDY Currently, only a very small number of biological tests are available for early diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, and these are not informative for all types of the disease. By finding microRNA markers with higher levels in Parkinson’s patients, we may be able to diagnose this disease at an earlier stage and also improve our understanding of the disease. We hope that by discovering new markers and earlier diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, the quality of life of patients can be improved. DO YOU QUALIFY? We are looking for participants recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. As a small compensation for your participation, each participant will receive $25. We will also pay for parking

FOR MORE INFORMATION or to schedule your participation, visit the study website and complete a contact form at: https://quadrantbiosciences.com/parkinsonsresearch/ If you qualify for the study, an information packet will be mailed to you prior to your study appointment.

Get printable tri-fold brochure about the study: