Driving and Parkinson’s

Driving allows personal freedom, control and independence. Many people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) continue to drive safely long after their diagnosis.

While Parkinson’s progression and medication side effects may affect a person’s driving ability, the diagnosis alone does not tell the whole story. Much depends on a person’s specific symptoms, as well as the presence of other age-related changes.

Though Parkinson’s may present driving challenges, there are many ways to maintain independence. If you are facing driving challenges, consider the following tips to help you take control of your transportation needs.

Local resources:

Sunnyview’s Driver Training Center offers the most comprehensive program of driver assessment, training, retraining, consulting about adaptive driving devices, and on-the-road evaluation for the disabled and elderly. In fact, Sunnyview is the only area hospital with such a program available to the public.

Our trained driver rehabilitation specialists discuss all findings and recommendations with clients and family members, as well as assisting with license renewal information as needed.

The goal is safety, and getting back on the road.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 518-382-4569.

Sunnyview patient resource about driving evaluation

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