CARE Act wallet card

The Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act helps family caregivers as their loved ones go into the hospital and as they transition home.

The CARE Act requires hospitals to:

  • Record the name of the family caregiver on the medical record of your loved one.
  • Inform the family caregivers when their  loved one is to be discharged.
  • Provide the family caregiver with education and instruction of the medical tasks he or she will need to perform for the patient at home.

The CARE Act has passed in NY State,

click here to download a CARE Act wallet card to place in your and your loved one’s wallets—next to your insurance cards. That way, you’ll both have important information about this new law available when you need it most

If you are a family caregiver, you’re not alone.

To find the tools and resources you need, go to the AARP Caregiver Resource Center.

Caregiver online resources

[The Parkinson’s Podcast™ ]

​​Caring and Coping is a comprehensive guide for caregivers of people with Parkinson’s at any stage.

Caring for You (the Caregiver)
You may be involved in assisting your loved one with many activities of daily living and medical tasks, as well as maintaining a household; shopping and preparing meals; organizing records, papers and appointments; transporting your loved one to health care visits; keeping up with social and family relationships and many other tasks. At the same time, you may be working, raising children or grandchildren or coping with your own health or personal issues.

PD Partnership

Intimacy and PD

Communication and PD

Slides from PD Expert Briefing: What’s Missing? Communication and the PD Partnership


Caring with Courage and Compassion

Parkinson’s Disease and the Family

Journaling Toward Wholeness

Capital Region Caregiver Coalition

The Capital Region Caregiver Coalition is an informal group of professionals dedicated to educating caregivers about the resources available to them in New York’s Capital Region. Each member of our Coalition strives to live our mission throughout each of our respective jobs.

Our Mission: To promote community awareness, sensitivity to, and action around delivery of care to seniors.

Revolar personal alert system

We talked about this product at our February 2018 meeting.

With the click of a button, Revolar can let your loved ones know where you are and if you need help through customizable messages that include your live location. The most discreet panic button yet.

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Caregiver resources

Albany County Department for Aging

Caregiver Support Programs
Caregiver support programs assist informal caregivers—spouses, adult children, other family members, friends and neighbors in their efforts to care for older persons who need help with everyday tasks.

The programs include services to assist the caregiver in their efforts through:

  • Information,
  • Assistance and Referral
  • Counseling and Support Groups
  • Caregiver Training
    Home Based Services*
  • Transportation*
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems*
  • Short term respite to relieve the caregiver through in-home care or social or medical day care or overnight care in a facility*

*These services require and In-home assessment to determine eligibility