Brain Training

Welcome to Brain Training
With Kathy Johnson
Monday through Friday
3:45 – 4:45; please come a little early
PNECC Nolan House (the older structure); buzz to get inside
Open to all! All ages, created to improve memory and attention
  • Come as often as you can; you cannot change the brain by only working on it once in a while; practice at home in between sessions
  • Easy activities do not change the brain; neither do activities that are frustrating. We work at a challenging level. Remember, hard is good!
  • The most important part of brain training is the two physical exercises, Starfish and Slow Angels. Read more about them on the next page
  • Bring a water bottle daily to training. When you yawn or start to do worse, drink
  • When you find an activity that is especially challenging, cross walk – march while touching opposite hand to opposite knee
  • Other things that improve memory and attention:
    • Aerobic exercise like walking and running
    •  Social activities
    • Reducing and eliminating sugar – it inflames the brain.
    • Stress reducing activities like yoga, meditation, walking in nature, etc.
  •  Do these daily
  •   Have Fun!! The brain finds engaging activities much more motivating than those that are boring or too difficult. Feel free to ask Kathy how to modify any activity to work for YOU
Starfish Exercise to integrate the Moro Reflex
May help with:
Visual problems, Light or auditory hypersensitivity, Anxiety, mood swings, Difficulty accepting criticism, Dislike of change, Emotionally sensitive
1.     Lie back on a chair, bean bag or sofa with pillow under back 
2.     Tilt head back, arms up and out, legs out wide
3.     While breathing out, to the count of 5:
a.     Bring arms in and crossed, right over left
b.     Bring legs in at the same time, right over left
4.     While breathing in, to the count of 5, bring arms and legs back out
5.     While breathing out, to the count of five
a.     Bring arms in and crossed, LEFT over Right
b.     Bring legs in at the same time, LEFT over Right
6.     Repeat step #4
7.     Repeat entire cycle, steps 3 – 6, 2 more times
Slow Angels to integrate the Spinal Galant Reflex
May help with:
Bladder control, Poor concentration, Poor short term memory, Auditory processing difficulties, Near focusing problems 
1.     Lie on back with legs closed and hands at the side.
2.     Very slowly do the movements of a snow angel, by bringing the arms up and opening the legs as wide as possible. Arms stay on the floor as much as possible. 
3.     Now, for 30 seconds, close the legs and bring the arms to the starting position.
4.     Every 15 seconds, take a second to readjust the arms and legs. This is a difficult exercise because the arms move over twice as fast as the legs.
5.     Repeat 2 more times.