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Ten nutrition tips for living well with Parkinson’s

1) VITAMIN D – Studies have shown widespread deficiency of vitamin D among people with PD; whether it contributes to the development of PD, or is a result of PD, is not yet known. But deficiency is associated with falls and fractures, diabetes, cancers and autoimmune diseases. You may want to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level, and take supplements as needed.


Bone Thinning

As Parkinson’s progresses, mobility challenges become more common, including an increased risk of falls. Unfortunately, studies have shown that people with PD are also at increased risk for bone thinning, a combination that can lead to injury.

Therefore, it is especially important for people with PD to eat meals that provide bone-strengthening nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins D and K. Regular exposure to sunlight is also helpful, as it increases vitamin D in the body.

Walking and other weight-bearing exercises can keep bones strong and less likely to fracture or break.

Yoga classes for people with Parkinson’s disease

Thursdays 10:30 – 11:30 am Honest Weight Co-op 100 Watervliet Avenue, Albany NY

In our yoga classes for people with Parkinson’s disease, we will be working with breath, movement, thought, voice, and sound. Through creative use of these branches of yoga, we will seek ease and relief from common issues associated with PD.

Caregivers are welcome to participate. The approach will be gentle, yet motivating. We will practice using chairs, with some standing movements. Modifications will be offered for those that cannot stand or have other limitations. Sneakers and loose, comfortable clothing are recommended.

For more information, call Hope Soars 518.428.0056.

Come enjoy the flow of yoga in your body, mind, and spirit. Presented By Hope Soars and Albany Medical Center

Google News for Parkinson’s

Did you know you can tell Google to send an e-mail to yourself with search results of your choice?

I get one a week with the results of finding the words “Parkinson’s Disease” in the news

How to Create an alert

  1. Visit Google Alerts.
  2. In the “Create an alert about” box, enter the words you want to get email notifications for.
  3. Click Show options to say how often you get alerts, what types of results you want to get, and more.
  4. Click Create Alert.
  5. Once your alert is set up, you’ll start getting emails any time we find new search results for your keywords.

Google News for Parkinson’s

YMCA Parkinson’s Wellness Program

The Capital District YMCA is now offering Parkinson’s Wellness Program (PWP!) Training! The class is neuroplasticity-principled and holds promise to slow disease progression, retire motor function, and increase longevity and quality of life. The class will be led by certified instructors trained in PWP! Fitness, and Gary Z Sobol Parkinson’s Network (GZSPN™) by Gail Borden of Marblehead, MA.

Participants should be able to walk and stand unassisted. Individuals with MS or in Post Stroke Recovery are also encouraged to attend, with participant waiver and medical clearance. Please see the table below for more information on specific class times.

7 Week Sessions are ongoing, check your local branch for more details.
1x weekly: Members $45, Community $56 / 2x weekly: Members $80, Community $91
Caregivers are welcome with paid registration.

Branch Day Time Instructor
Bethlehem Thursdays 12:00pm Nancy Janosi
Glenville Fridays 10:15am Lisa Temoshok
Greenbush Fridays 10:30am Sondra Tucker
Guilderland Wednesdays 1:45pm Kathy Napoli
Schenectady Wednesdays 6:00pm Myra Woods
Southern Saratoga Thursdays 10:30am Shannon Felix
Troy Mondays 11:30am Tammy Roberts
Michael Malone